Depechemode Fashion Boutique


Located in one of the oldest and most charming neighborhoods in Beirut, Depechemode's flagship store covers 450 square meters and provides international multi-brand selection tailored for fashionable and high-end clientele in search of fashion-forward items.

The brand selection features European, especially Greek brands, Australian and must have American jeans brands that offer a wide selection of hand picked pieces.

ABC Dbayeh

Established in a prime location, that you just-can’t-miss, on the main highway that connects the North to the South of Lebanon, depechemode opened a branch in ABC Dbayeh, a mall located on the outskirts of Beirut. An area where residents live in the seaside and mountain towns and regions surrounding Beirut city, and is home to a vast fashion savvy clientele, especially high-end, that flocks to & from the area in search of fashion-forward items… perfectly suited for depechemode’s brands and selections!

605 at Depechemode

Named after that famous time of the day, 6:05® is not just a time. It’s an urban culture. A hub for the new. A playground for the avant-garde. It’s a concept store that is alive through fresh fashion, design & lifestyle… A SPACE where you can shop some of the trendiest must-wears, must-haves & must-reads, from the coolest & hippest international brands for men and women.

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