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Job Description

Marketing Assistant - Head Office


• Assist in planning, developing and implementing advertising & marketing strategies including public relations activities.

• Assist in the development of short- and long-term plans and budgets for the marketing/communications/public relations program and its activities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.

• Oversee development and implementation of marketing communication efforts and materials.

• Play a key role in delivering powerful communication plans and content strategies across campaigns and projects.

• Develop and execute digital strategies including Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.

• Stay informed about, communicate, and apply new or current trends and best practices in digital marketing and analytics.


• Monitor the reactions of customers and retail outlets to new products and brand initiatives.

• Follow up and coordinate with advertising agencies on all necessary deliverables.

• Prepare media agreements and follow up on fashion merchandise for photographic representation in an advertisement or a catalog.

• Plan and follow up on SMS messaging & E-mail marketing campaigns.

• Assist in planning & coordinating strategic in-store events, pop-ups, fashion shows, trunk shows, new store openings, new brand launches & other marketing activities.

• Analyze and report on performance of promotional events based on marketing tactics, event offer, customer behavior, competitive landscape, etc...

• Google analytics report to be send to the management every week

• Direct and negotiate with suppliers & manufacturers for the production of seasonal window displays & collaterals

• Liaise with suppliers to collect all brand look books and marketing material.

• Follow up on printing inventory and ensure timely orders from suppliers.

• Collect and collate marketing invoices for proper tracking and accounting.


• Collect and Analyze data related to customer database

• Research & follow up with Bloggers and Brand Ambassadors

• Follow up on customers promotions and birthdays

• Oversee the development and execution of corporate events

• Follow up and develop the business CRM & loyalty strategy to improve acquisition and retention of customers.

• Handle customer service requests


• Maintain Brand image for the new Label Co-Lab.

• Coordinate lookbooks, and communication presentation for the new label.

• Database and Contacting the bloggers to communicate the label

• Agreement and follow up communication material with malls and distributors


• Plan up to 4 photoshoots per month for social media and website

• E-commerce: keep constantly updated Depeche Mode & 6:05 websites with new looks arrivals

• Update Depeche mode & 6:05’s e-commerce platforms (data entry, Page Design, registration, swift and bank payments method, shipping, etc.).

• Update constantly and when needed the Depechemode website

• Ensure the E-commerce product pages are populated with relevant and in stock products to maximize sales potential

• Take part in the selection of the best-hit items to be featured on the E-shop; organize photo shoots to attractively present these items in total looks.

• Research macro trends & create micro trends.

• Conduct audits of the websites to ensure they are continuously & consistently updated.

• Track & analyze websites performance using Google Analytics.

• Handle online orders with the team.


• University degree in a related field (Advertising, Marketing, Fashion Design…)

• Entry level – 1 to 2 years of experience are a plus.

• Experience with social media platforms as well as the execution of online campaigns

• Background in digital audience analysis, market research and communication

• Fluent in French and English

• Computer skills are a must

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