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ABC Ashrafieh

By the early 2000’s, the luxury & fashion sector in Beirut was booming and shifted toward the charming Ashrafieh area, where major boutiques, restaurants, cafés and entertainment facilities quickly filled the streets, transforming it into a revived hip & trendy neighborhood. Naturally, depechemode opened its 2nd branch in ABC Ashrafieh, the area’s most prominent mall, enjoying a major high-visibility spot for its high-end loyal clientele and fashion-hungry city dwellers & tourists.  

ABC Dbayeh

Established in a prime location, that you just-can’t-miss, on the main highway that connects the North to the South of Lebanon, depechemode opened a branch in ABC Dbayeh, a mall located on the outskirts of Beirut. An area where residents live in the seaside and mountain towns and regions surrounding Beirut city, and is home to a vast fashion savvy clientele, especially high-end, that flocks to & from the area in search of fashion-forward items… perfectly suited for depechemode’s brands and selections!

Beirut Souks

The Beirut Souks were once a historical market place at the heart of Beirut city, that attracted merchants and visitors from far & wide who would set up shop and sell everything from fresh produce, to one-of-a-kind jewelry. Today, in rebuilt post-civil war Downtown Beirut, it has been revived into a high-end shopping-leisure experience, a hub for corporate meetings & business lunches, tourists, shoppers and residents alike. A perfect spot to open depechemode’s newest branch.

ABC Verdun

Verdun is one of Beirut’s most luxurious residential areas. In the 90’s, it was also transformed into a dynamic fashion & shopping hub, becoming home to depechemode’s first store, as well as many other high-end fashion boutiques, hospitality facilities and entertainment centers that joined the wave. Every fashionista in town knows that’s where you want to go for some major retail therapy close to home. And with the recent opening of ABC mall, the Verdun shopping experience has stepped into a new dimension.

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