Depechemode Fashion Boutique


The idea of Alessandra Battistella is to launch a Parka dedicated to those women who are looking for an up to date piece of clothing which can be freely interpreted. 

Alessandra got the inspiration from a holiday in Chamonix. The attention to details and the high quality fabrics used come from the over 20 years’ experience of Alessandra as a buyer. 

She is now talking to a woman exactly like her: fashion wise updated, who selects her clothing with extra care, being glamorous but not a fashion follower at any cost.

Versatile: having many different uses, able to be applied in different things, interested in different activities. This is what parka Chamonix is, comfortable with an everyday outfit, chic if worn with an elegant dress and a pair of stylish heels. Created for a woman who loves to be herself in plenty of different ways.

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