Depechemode Fashion Boutique

Rachel Antonoff

For this Spring 2018 collection, Heaven is imagined as New Milford, New Jersey; the equal parts creepy and cozy suburb Rachel grew up in, where everything is exactly as it was when grandparents, siblings and so many guinea pigs were still alive on earth.
Spring 2018 is replete with saturated, unapologetic color, an idea of what Heaven on earth might look like. Hot pink, aqua, cobalt, Beyonce-yellow and bright poppy are anchored by muted red, lavender, soft pink and textured whites. All prints were hand-painted in house, each giving its own subtle nod to the inspiration. The ‘Aerial print’ features an abstract, aerial view of tulip fields on soft cotton sateen. Cheeky talismans of death are present in the ‘Patron Saint’ print on crisp cotton poplin and the ‘Snakes’ print on washed linen. 'Tropical Floral' on silk/cotton voile offers an idyllic backyard garden in the beyond

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