Depechemode Fashion Boutique

Rachel Antonoff

Inspired by the idea of beautiful decay, Rachel Antonoff Fall 2017 draws literally and figuratively on the idea of trash and what we societally deem 'trashy'. Inspired by characters ranging from Miss Havisham to Fran Dre- scher to Peg Bundy, the season explores the silhouettes and fabrications that personify them. 

Delivery 1 is replete with embroidered twill, soft fringe knits, embellished wool, substantive denim and printed chiffon. Nods to the inspiration are throughout in a painted 'garbage' print, a knit vest with various crocheted discarded items and an oversized button down shirt with a printed still life painting on the back 

featuring rotten fruit.

Delivery 2 takes a more literal approach and focuses on the characters who iconicized 90s opulence and maximalism. These bold, unapologetic women are celebrated in a pinstripe velvet double breasted suiting mini dress, smart wide wale corduroy, oversized plaid with playful embellishments and of course, re-imagined animal prints. As is more often than not, the collection embodies a political message as well. Antonoff says "Let's adopt these characters example of 'more is more'. Lets be loud, lets say what we think and wear sequined cheetahs on our blazers."

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