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Indra Kaffemanaite's concept for Balossa 2018 is 'inpossible', with its contrasts and opposing inspirations in the new collection of white shirts, which actually reveal a common theme (for those who pay careful attention), as underlying meanings will be revealed in the imagination; reflection, a game where the lines of life meet and intersect through a thousand streams, the fate that controls us and shows us the concepts of two different but compatible realities, that shows us how to dream up a reality of multiple interpretations. 

Her inspiration, able once again to find a new twist on the oldest and most fundamental of fashions, the white shirt, is to open up to contemporary without abandoning the aura of timeless, formidable beauty that has made it famous throughout the world, a creative path, but a path that makes you follow its uniqueness, a path with one eye on the past, but the other more interested in the future, and, from time to time, choosing a new way to tell an old story. 

The Balossa white shirt highlights its most innovative design elements, whilst remaining rich in the traditional iconic accents of a shirt.

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