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Job Description

Senior Operation Assistant


Job Requirements 

•Bachelor Degree from a reputable university 

• Relevant communication skills in Arabic, French and English

• Previous experience with Navision software is a must

• Has 3 to 5 years of experience in Management or Operations Management

Job Description

Stock control

• Perform a periodic inventory analysis for each store and use that analysis coupled with sales figures to determine the optimal stock

• Manage the quantity needed to each store and its delivery time in order to optimize store stock and to build sales figures without overstocking with coordination with the brand manager.

• Follow up on stock: inventories, receiving and transfers, stock amendments, update new merchandise, pricelist, discount and returns.

• Handle the pricing & dispatching of merchandise between the stores.

• Work with the brand manager for the reorders

• Organize stock and dispatching of good in a streamlined and controlled manner

• Coordinate the dispatches of the brands between all the locations (in case of reorders)

• Manage the warehouse operation.

• Monitor stock levels at various branches and assists in reallocating merchandises according to sales statistics.

Operations Management

• Follow up on daily operations of all the stores including the coordination with IT (hardware, software) and technical problems

• Update and improve the software (Navision)

• Follow up the loyalty Card procedure: execution and maintenance.

• Assessment and Evaluation for all the Operation Department team

Cost Management

• Cost of inventory, operational expenses and inventory loss, monitoring the shrinkage and company’s expenses.

• Review shops sales numbers in order to determine whether or not the store is meeting its goals

• Develop a plan to suggest to management on what each location can improve in order to maximize profits and reduce loss.

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