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Job Description

Female Shop Manager

Responsible for maximizing sales to drive profitability. Leads, manages and organizes the store according to Depechemode shared values, standards, policies and procedures. Serves as manager on duty, and support on the floor in a Symbolic leader function.

Job Responsibility including but not limited to:

Team members

- Build, lead and empower a communicative and effective store team by delegating, coaching, and directing store team members to help them achieve their highest potential

- Motivate and encourage team members, individually and through assistants, to contribute their best effort and work on their weaknesses and challenges.

- Influence

– demonstrates leadership, enthusiasm and excitement, builds rapport and inspires and motivates people. Sets the example in policy and procedure. Constantly interacts with employees.

- Respect and utilize each employee’s experience, talent, and creativity

- Ensure team members seek out customers and build productive and valued relationships with customers by active engagement on the floor and drive sales.

- Coach and teach product knowledge by constantly training staff, answering questions, and describing competitive advantages.

- Maintain an overview of all Employee Relations responsibilities in the store to ensure a positive work environment and to enforce the team work spirit

- Directs staff in sales techniques, such as “cross selling” determining customer needs by questions, informing, recognizing buying signals, recommending and demonstrating, handling objections, and using appropriate closing techniques, helping shoppers become buyers.


- Actively work with garments, including stocking, replenishing, folding, hanging, and displaying to maximize selling opportunities.

- Manage and ensure stock level is appropriate to maximize selling.

- Ensure the garment presentation, garment level and visual standards are presented according to Depechemode standards.

- Ensure and follow up on all activities concerning Marketing campaign (Instagram, magazine…) promotions and activities; send feedback reporting as well

- To surface the social medias of Depeche mode on daily basis with the team in order to be up to date with all social medias activities

- monitor and follow up on both shop sales target as well employee sales target

- At the reception of new collection, Items should be tried to check if any might have a bad cut, or uncomfortable shoe fit or else… then feedback to be sent to the brand manager

- feedback report per season per brand at the end of each season (before the buyer’s trip)


- Perform cash operational functions (POS)

- Have working knowledge and oversee use of all company systems

- Control over floor team that all rules and regulations are well respected and implemented

- To send a feedback about any technical problem occurring at the shop as well software problems

Customer Service

- Responsible to make sure every shopper in the store receives outstanding service, finds a friendly environment and is communicated with properly and effectively so they become buyers and repeat customers and feel they are treated like a guest.

- Lead by symbolic example, monitoring staff in providing high-quality of customer service on the selling floor, in the fitting room and at the cash point.

- Following up on all the staff clients list to assure that all the clients are weekly informed about new arrivals, sale, or any activity done.

- A tool of control was provided to the shop manager by installing the store cams over his cellphone in order to watch and follow team behavior & customer service during shop manager absence; therefore, to take actions accordingly

Floor team Training

- Terminology

- Trends of the season

- Brand awareness

- Fabric & cuts

- Mix & match

- Body shape

- Customer service


Being able to effectively lead teams

- Being able to manage stressful situations

- Being flexible

- Being able to maximise customer satisfaction

- Being able to communicate effectively

- Being focused and motivated

- Being able to mentor employees

- Being professional and amenable at all times

- Extensive knowledge of the fashion industry 







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